"Cebit" info-rech expo in Germany

Added On June 13, 2018

Information Technology Expo, "Cebit", has kicked off in Germany, with its new concept and image.
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The expo defines itself as "Europe's business festival for innovation and digitalization", combining trade fairs, conferences and networking events.
The exhibition displays the latest in digital technology, and consists of four sections, namely digital economy, technology, talk and campus.
The four sections focus on profit models, technology showcases, mind sharing and social networking in the world of digitalization.
Around 2800 exhibitors from over 70 countries and regions are expected to gather in Hannover, to participate in the event.
"The bus has been trained so much and learned so much. Perhaps in a few years, the bus will be able to and in control of any driving situation, because it has learned so much of any possible situation."
German railway company, DeutscheBahn, is using the expo to showcase its guiding system for waiting passengers.
Through a sensor set in the train, the system can tell the passengers where to get on the train and where to board on a train less crowded.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): DeutscheBahn illustrator
"Minutes before the train arrives, the passengers can see where the joint is of the train and where the train is, and then they can find a possible and perfect entrance position."
The "Cebit" exhibition continues to impress its visitors, with technology including artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G and human robotics.
Cebit runs in Hannover, until June 15th.