Medallions for Trump-Kim summit

Added On June 13, 2018

With many historical moments and big international events, a commemorative medallion highlights the significance of the occasion.
DPRK-U.S. Summit is no exception.
Our CNC correspondent takes you to the Singapore Mint to find out more.
Memories die, but there are always mementos to remind you of some important moments.
As the host for the historic meeting between the top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump, Singapore has launched commemorative medallions.
The medallions are of the same design but are made of gold, silver and base metal respectively.
They all bear the national flags of the two countries and the handshake between the two leaders on one side, and feature a peace dove and the national flowers of the two countries on the other side.
The Singapore Mint said in a statement that the design of a peace dove was meant to embody the significance of the summit to bring about to world peace.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): DAVID YIP PAK LING, Director of the Singapore Mint
"The design, actually, if you look at it carefully, on the outer ring, we have the two countries’(names). Now, if you look at here, United States of America, the number of the alphabet is far less than the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Now, if I want to use the same font size, then you will see that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will go cross over, overwhelm to the other side. So what we have done is that we have different font size for both of them, to make sure that both of them end right in the center."
The small shinny medallions, especially gold and silver were so well received that the Singapore Mint had to change their mintage goal.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): DAVID YIP PAK LING, Director of the Singapore Mint
"We have ever come across a medallion that is so popular. On the very same day of the launch, we actually raise the mintage goal to 3000 gold, 15,000 silver."
David believed that it’s not just the historic summit that draws people’s attention to the medallion, but also people’s hopes for world peace.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): DAVID YIP PAK LING, Director of the Singapore Mint
"That tells us something, the collectors, they are buying this, not because it’s a historic moment, I believe, right down, within all of us, we want peace. We want something to commemorate it. And if it’s successful, it’s a very important thing for the whole Asia."