1st UNESCO courier forum held in Paris

Added On June 14, 2018

This week, UNESCO Courier magazine held its first ever forum in Paris.
The theme of the forum was building a shared future for humankind through dialogue and cooperation.
STANDUP: HAN QIAN, CNC Correspondent
"The first UNESCO courier forum was held in Paris to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the courier magazine, which is dedicated to establishing peace and promoting intercultural dialogue. The courier magazine stopped publication in 2012 due to financial issues and was resumed in 2017 under the support of China."
The Courier magazine is a key element of UNESCO's identity, as well as one of its most powerful tools in promoting its humanistic views.
The magazine is published quarterly, both online and in print. It is available in nine languages, including the six official languages of the UN, as well as Esperanto, Portuguese, and Sardinian.
"I am pleased to have you here today at UNESCO headquarters for this first UNESCO Courier Forum, which marks both the 70th anniversary of the journal and the first anniversary of its revival, thanks to the support of China, after five years of interruption."
SOUNDBITE: VINCENT DEFOURNY, Division of Public Information, UNESCO
"We are very pleased that a member state as important as China is active and wants of putting the means for the activities of UNESCO to unfold, we are very pleased to see the activity, the determination of the Chinese authorities to support some of the UNESCO initiatives."
The forum also featured three half-hour panel discussions. Topics include common issues and multiple views, the human faces of global challenges, and an intellectual forum for the world of tomorrow.