Royal Academy of Arts holds 250th Summer Exhibition in London

Added On June 14, 2018

 The RA Summer Exhibition is one of the largest open submission exhibitions in the world.

And the current show displays two of David Hockney's new works.
The works display photographs taken from multiple perspectives, which are combined into a single monumental image.
This year, the committee of the Summer Exhibition has encouraged self-taught artists to submit their works for the show.
The exhibition provides a unique platform, for all artists to showcase their work to international audiences.
“((DELETE Yes, of course, so the summer exhibition has been running for every single year of the academic history. So, we are celebrating this year the 250th anniversary of the Summer Exhibition.)) And today's summer exhibition is an open exhibition to any artists coming from anywhere in the world and (they) can send work to be considered for the exhibition.((DELETE And if they (are) judged by the Summer Exhibition Committee which is formed through academician artists, we formed the committee every Year standby rotation. And we have a senior hang as well, who will lead it. But as well as the standing artists, we encourage professional artists, and we are royal academician themselves and show their work here, it is a very important showcase for them. So, it is a real mixture of celebrated internationally famous artists and emerging artists too.))”
The exhibition features over 1,300 works, containing film, sculpture, architectural models, paintings, installations and other forms of art.
“Well, the aim from the beginning of the summer exhibition was to establish a venue and where people in public can come and see contemporary art. Because when the RA was first founded, there was no galleries, and there were no commercial galleries. So, artist would still be working usually for commissions, you know portrait and landscape, they are doing those commissions. But the public would never get to see them because it goes straight into private collections and private home. So, this became an opportunity for the public to engage with the work of contemporary artists at the time. ((DELETE What’s wonderful now, of course, is that it got bigger and better. But also, the proceeds, the financial success of the Summer Exhibition support the Royal Academy Schools, which was also founded 250 years ago. And the Royal Academy School, of course, is preparing artists for the future. So, there is this wonderful kind of balance of the artists of today, and that you see here is supporting artists of the future.))”
The 250th Summer Exhibition continues to intrigue visitors from around the world, and is open until August 19th.