Bangladesh eyes more cooperation with China

Added On July 8, 2018

Bangladeshi officials have said they anticipate more cooperation with China, in developing more economic zones and high tech parks in the country.
Let's take a look.
This week,top government officials gathered at a workshop in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. 
They said that China's economic development, reform and opening-up in the last four decades is a good experience to learn from.
The workshop was titled "Development and Cooperation of Bangladesh Economic Zones and High-tech Parks".
It paved the way for officials to further understand the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, China's experience on planning, construction and management of economic zones and industrial parks, as well as China's experience in trade and investment and regional cooperation.
The workshop was organized by the Chinese Embassy.
The attendees discussed a wide range of topics,such as Bangladesh's economic zones and hi-tech parks, and the conditions and environments for trade and investment.
They also put forward proposals for deepening cooperation in economic zones and expanding trade and investment between China and Bangladesh.