Southern california sets all-time heat records

Added On July 9, 2018

 A heat wave shattered temperature records across southern California on Friday, creating dangerous fire weather conditions.

Let's take a look.
According to the National Weather Service, downtown Los Angeles hit 42.2 degrees centigrade, breaking the previous record of 34.4 degrees centigrade set in 1992.
Camarillo broke its daily record high with 38.3 degrees centigrade and Long Beach with 42.7 degrees centigrade. Other places that broke their record included Burbank, Van Nuys and so on.
National Weather Service warned that a dangerous heat wave is expected across the Desert Southwest into southern California through Saturday, including the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas.
The National Weather Service attributed the dangerous heat wave to a strong upper level high pressure system.
And there is increased potential for serious heat-related illnesses, especially for the young and elderly, those performing outdoor activities, as well as those without access to air conditioning.