Added On July 9, 2018

 Now the latest on Thailand boat accident...

As of Saturday night, at least 42 people have been confirmed dead and 14 others remained missing after two boats capsized in a storm off southern Thailand's Phuket island.
The search and rescue operation continued on Saturday...
Three helicopters, eight ships and some 800 rescuers have been involved in the 24-hour search, racing against the clock to find those still unaccounted for.
On Saturday, nine bodies were found in the "Phoenix" tourist boat, which sunk some 30 to 40 meters under water. 
But only eight of them were recovered, while the remaining one was difficult to move.
An official from the Royal Thai Navy said clearing the wreckage to make sure there no one is trapped inside remains a top priority.
Two boats carrying over 130 foreign tourists, mainly Chinese, capsized in a storm off the southern Thai resort island of Phuket on Thursday afternoon.
All the victims were from the boat "Phoenix".
For survivors, suffering in the high tides and strong winds was like a nightmare.
"When we came on board, the weather turned bad. Just one hour into the journey back, there were strong winds and flash storms. The second floor of the boat was flooded. We were frightened and helpless. The tour guide asked us to wear life jackets before the boat overturned. Passengers were crying and screaming. I was sinking with the boat before getting out onto the surface. I was shivering when rains lashed me and I felt very cold when floating in the sea."
Chinese Ambassador Lyu Jian visited injured Chinese tourists in a local hospital on Saturday.
He called on Thai authorities to quickly mobilize an intensive search for the missing and make appropriate arrangements for the rescued Chinese tourists.
According to the Chinese Consulate-General in Songkhla, 78 Chinese tourists have been rescued following the tragic accident.