Smoking fish in Ghana

Added On July 10, 2018

Various traditional methods have been used to preserve and process fish for consumption and storage.
In Ghana, smoking fish is widely popular among the locals.
People believe that properly-smoked fish is more nutritious, taste better and has a longer shelf life.
Lifestyles went to the west African country to find out more.
Fish smoking in Ghana is traditionally carried out by women in coastal towns and villages, along river banks and on the shores of the Volta Lake.
Smoke-drying fish through wood burning is an age-old practice in Ghana.
In order to overcome some obstacles and to improve quality of the smoked products, a new type of smoker has been devised.
Various tests have shown that the new smoker can reduce fly infestation and drying time.
It has proven to be readily acceptable by women who practice traditional fish smoking methods.
To improve the health benefits of smoked fish for consumers, Ghana's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has developed a new oven to phase out the smoker currently in use.
Some fish processors believe the smoker is the best for them.
"We keep the oven and the environment hygienic so there is no cause for alarm. "
However,some other fish processors are calling for new ways of processing fish in the country.
"I have been practicing this method for the past 25 years. The challenge we face with this technology is the smoke. It is affecting our sight. We are appealing to the government to bring us a modern smoker to boost our businesses."
"Our grandmothers and mothers have been using this type of oven to process fish since time immemorial and we have continued with it and we like it. It improves efficiency and makes the process more smooth. But we will gladly accept any innovation that the government brings us to boost our trade."
Besides in Ghana, the smoker has received wide acceptance in most African countries.