Delhi mango festival

Added On July 10, 2018

To India now, where the start of Summer means it is mango season.
The sweet fruit is so popular that its had its own dedicated festival for the last thirty years.
Lifestyles went to Delhi to find out more.
The three-day festival packs a series of sweet events all devoted to the mango.
For most, just a few bites of the rich, pulpy, fruit is enough. 
For those who want more: there's the mango-eating competition.
Contestants have just three minutes to eat as many as they can.
"I love mangoes. I can eat any amount but challenge was that it was getting late and we already tasted for 100 rupees, and I had already eaten maybe 5-6 mangoes before coming here. And now I could still go more but there were only three minutes. So I could not eat more."
India has a good claim for being the global mango capital.
Each year, the country exports more than 53,000 metric tonnes of the sweet fruit.
The world has around 2000 types of mango - India grows around 1500 of them.
Around 500 kinds can be found here at the festival.
"Indians are generally known as foodies. But when it comes to mangoes, they go one step beyond. In fact they go crazy about mangoes. So if you too want to have a taste of your choice from hundreds of varieties of mangoes, head to India and I am sure India will not disappoint you."