Spain's bull running festival in shadow of sex assaults

Added On July 10, 2018

Spain's bull-running festival kicked off in Pamplona over the weekend.
However, the event has been hit by scandal in recent years.
With cases of sexual assault sparking protests and public anger.
Now officials are looking to clean the event up.
The week-long festival attracts tens of thousands of people every year. Crowds chase and escape bulls in the tiny streets.
And in recent years, that highly-charged atmosphere has spilled over into a worrying amount of sexual assault.
In 2016, an 18-year-old woman was gang-raped by a five men who called themselves "The wolf pack". Last month, the group were freed on bail - sparking public anger.
This was not the only case. According to local media, in 2016, as many as 20 sexual assaults were reported during the festival and last year, the number rose to 22.
Now authorities are cracking down.
The slogan, "Pamplona, a city free of sexist assaults" has been placed in the city's central square.
People are also being invited to wear red badges, shaped like hands that say "Stop."
Soundbite(English): Visitor
"We are waiting because we are against the sexual harassment. And it is like a little campaign. The give you a red hand and if you wear that you show that you are against sexual violence. That's why we are waiting- the red hand to show everybody we are against it."
City officials have also launched a new app for women to use if they believe they are in danger.
A 24/7 hotline has also been set up, as well as information booths around the town.
Reports said Spain was ranked 17th among European countries for the prevalence of sexual assaults.