Carnaval Del Sol in Vancouver

Added On July 10, 2018

The Annual Carnaval Del Sol has kicked off in Vancouver.
A two day party, that brings together 100,000 people to celebrate Latin American culture.
SOUNDWorld is here in Vancouver at the annual Carnaval Del Sol. The event launched ten years ago and has quickly become the largest Latin American celebration in the Pacific Northwest."
About 150,000 Latinos live in the Vancouver region. And thousands of them were here this weekend to celebrate this mix Latin American food, music and culture.
The festival provides a chance for Latino residents to reconnect, and share their heritage with the community.
"Yeah, we're really excited. It's our ten-year anniversary. There are many things going on. This year it's bigger than ever.   
The carnival brings together people from countries like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.
Orozco moved to Vancouver from Columbia 17 years ago.
She says the festival has become an important event that brings her community together and shows off what makes them so proud of their culture. 
"It's important for us to showcase the many beauties of our culture. We want to show Vancouver and the world that we have so much to offer. We have such a rich culture and we want to show it to Vancouver and to B.C."
Music and dance is obviously a major part of the festival.
SOUNDBITE: MALCOLM AIKEN, Artistic director: 
"Ten full years of amazing musical culture, dance, food, everything you can imagine. This is my second year as the artistic director curator of the all the music and all entertainment, so my second year in this big role of having 50 bands, over 300 artists coming here, so it's a really exciting time."
While not Latino himself, Aiken says it’s easy to get caught up in the energy of the festival.
He says he gets to feel like a Latino for the weekend.
SOUNDBITE: MALCOLM AIKEN, Artistic director:
"The thing that keeps me involved is the energy. We have an amazing team. A great group of volunteers and the energy that create as a group is incredibly infectious and it just spreads through the festival and everyone gets charged up. Super fun."