China's Fuzhou develops off-shore expansion

Added On July 12, 2018

China is marking its national sailing day on Wednesday. One of the country's coastal cities, Fuzhou in Fujian province, has been following a development strategy of building an "offshore Fuzhou" for over 20 years.

As a result, its maritime economy has developed significantly over that period.
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In Fuzhou it's a local tradition for people to care about the sea and manage the waters.
Fuzhou Jiangyin port, located on China's southeast coast, was once a remote fishing village.
But today, it is one of the two major container hub ports in Fujian province and a strategic port for China's vision to create the 21st century maritime silk road.
Jiangyin port's development has been helped by the local "offshore Fuzhou" strategy.
Through the platform, infrastructure has improved, competitiveness has been strengthened, and industry has expanded, bringing Jiangyin port closer to becoming a world-class hub port.
Jiangyin port has also increased the formation of new businesses such as vehicle imports.
It is set to be the first vehicle import hub port in Fujian, with a total of 69,000 square meters of port customs inspection and supervision facilities. 
It's also designed to provide show customs clearance, inspection, testing, financial supporting, logistics distribution and after-sales services for many car companies. 
The growing success of Jiangyin port is one smaller example of the grander development strategy of "offshore Fuzhou", with other projects expected to be continued.