Added On July 13, 2018

Typhoon Maria hit east China's Lianjiang County in Fujian Province on Wednesday.

Emergency personnel have begun all-front rescue operations.
Local military forces have been deployed to combat the typhoon's effects.Some groups have been sent to clear roads blocked by falling trees.
Other groups are reinforcing dams along the coastline to prevent seawater flowing inland.
Residents are now facing the blackouts as electricity supplies in parts of the city are cut off.
But electricians are working to restore electricity facilities quickly.
Local official said that more than 8,000 people had been evacuated.
In Fuzhou, the provincial capital, schools and factories in coastal areas were closed Wednesday. Most outdoor work was suspended.
The gales and rain have also disrupted trains. More than 200 trains to or from Fujian have been stopped.
At sea, local firefighters have been sent out to rescue 3 fishermen. 
The men were trapped on boats during the typhoon, after failing to fix their anchors due to the extreme conditions.
The firefighters were pushed to complete their rescue operation, having to swim in the water to climb aboard the fishermen's boats.
Maria, China's eighth typhoon this year, had gales of up to 42 meters per second at its eye.