Added On August 5, 2018

Germany's harvests for this year are expected to drop significantly, due to the heatwave seen across Europe.
The predicted drop in grain yield has caused deep concern over the potential knock-on effect on people's incomes and food supply.
This week, the German Farmers Association downgraded its forecast for grain yield in 2018, reducing its estimate by 5 million tons.
It's believed that the drought in recent months is making it more difficult for farmers to feed their livestock.
Arid conditions have led to widespread corn crop failures in Germany, depriving locals of a key source of animal feed.
The average temperature in July was around 20.2 degrees Celsius, the fifth-highest for the month since the beginning of measurements.
At the same time, a shortage of rain has also brought great troubles to farmers.
The German Farmers Association attributed the harsh weather to climate change, and demanded financial assistance from the government to prevent widespread bankruptcies.