Added On August 5, 2018

What to do if you're sick and can't pay?
It's a problem that affects families up and down India - with millions pushed into poverty by their medical bills each year.
But a new healthcare bill looks to change all that.
Let's take a look.
According to the Indian Health Minister, as many as 55 million Indians were pushed into poverty last year by healthcare expenses.
In particular, the soaring price of medicine is pushing households to the brink.
Pharmacy costs account for around 70 percent of overall healthcare bills.
Today, an estimated 38 million Indians survive on less than 50 U.S. cents a day, thanks to medicine.
Things are changing.
STANDUP (English): ASHWANI UPADHYAY, CNC Correspondent
"Millions of Indian are getting slipped into poverty as the healthcare expenses have risen exponentially over the past few decades. Now, the government has come to rescue the people, especially poor with what they call the world’s largest healthcare scheme."
Over the past two decades, life expectancy in India has increased by more than 10 years.
One reason for this change is the large and swanky private hospitals that have sprung-up all over the country.
They are equipped with latest state-of-the-art medical equipment, advanced robotic procedures and other modern facilities.
Until now, they have largely been available to just the few who can pay.
But under a new Indian government healthcare scheme, these private hospitals could open their doors to half a billion new patients.
Giving struggling Indians expert medical treatment: at an affordable cost.