Added On August 5, 2018

Cuba has a long and rich musical tradition, and has influenced countless singers and bands in the western culture.
Boyeros Municipal Band is one of the hundreds of musical groups of its kind found throughout the island. 
However, its charismatic director has made sure the band is a cut above the rest.
Lifestyles went to find out more.
Having leading the Boyeros Municipal Band since 2012, Daya Aceituno took up the challenge of addressing recent crisis in Cuban musical history in which small local bands were seen to be on the verge of extinction.
Today, the Boyeros Municipal Band meets up every Friday to play traditional tunes, as well as an occasional mariachi classic or the latest pop songs. 
And this band doesn't just play music,they dance while they play.
SOUNDBITE(Spanish): DAYA ACEITUNO, Director of Bayeros Municipal Band
"You can hardly make any movements of the shoulders because you're playing musical instruments. So your body needs to be straight in order to play, which actually makes the whole thing hard. That's where the challenge is."
"The guys here are very talented and I think they can go far with what they're doing." 
Faced with competition from hundreds of other bands, it's important to be unique. 
The band's director said that the group's youth, skills, and amazing dance movements make the band stand out.