Europe swelters in reecord heat

Added On August 6, 2018

Europe is facing extremely hot weather. 
In Portugal, temperatures have hit near-record highs of 46 degrees Celsius. 
In other regions, heatwaves have exacerbated fires, damaged harvest and  melted asphalt on highways.
This summer has been difficult for people in Europe. 
In Portugual, red health alerts were issued for extreme heat on Saturday as temperatures reached 46 degrees Celsius.
The hot, dry weather has also led to several wildfires in the south of the country.
Germany is no exception, where the hot weather is affecting agriculture. The German Farmers Association said harvests for this year are expected to drop significantly following the heatwaves seen across Europe.
According to the German Press Agency, swimming pools are becoming increasingly crowded as residents try to cool down in the water.
The heat has also hit Spain.
Three people were reported to have died of heatstroke. Heatwaves also caused several wildfires at its border.
In the Netherlands, the heat has even melted asphalt on a highway, meaning authorities were forced to close it.
Eastern countries such as Austria and Latvia are suffering the heatwaves as well, but even Britain with its cooler temperatures is also being affected.
Temperatures in the UK could reach 36 degrees Celsius in some parts next week with the possibility of even the all-time record of 38.5 degrees Celsius being surpassed.