Added On August 8, 2018

Indian cyclists are training hard to give their best at the upcoming Asian Games. 
In previous Asian Games, India has not been a particularly strong contender in cycling. However, following India's outstanding performance at another cycling event, people are now watching to see what they can do.
Two promising Indian cyclists — 23-year-old Dilawar Singh and 21-year-old Athokpam Bike Singh — are giving it their all, as they train for the upcoming Asian Games, to be held in Indonesia later this month.
They are part of India’s 15-member team, chosen for various cycling events at the Asian Games.
They start their day early in the morning and practice for more than six hours a day. 
From road-biking to high-altitude training, they are doing it all to enhance their endurance. 
India’s national cycling star Dilawar Singh said winning a medal for his country at the Asian Games has been his long-cherished dream. 
SOUNDBITE1 ( Hindi) : DILAWAR SINGH, Indian cyclist
"If we win a medal, then everybody will start having faith in us and they will say that yes, India can do it. Many riders in India are scared of meeting a stronger opponent. After getting a medal, this fear will vanish from their minds and they will gain self-confidence."    
Dilawar Singh's cycling career started at the age of 13, when he was just a boy living in his village. But now he is often touted as a "Road-racer" in India. 
His partner Athokpam Bike Singh also comes from humble beginnings. 
In the past, he had very little money, which meant that he could not afford to buy a bike. 
SOUNDBITE3 ( English) : ATHOKPAM BIKE SINGH, Indian cyclist
"I have been cycling for around 7 years. In these 7 years, I had a little bit financial problem. I am from a poor family, little bit lower middle-class. So I couldn’t afford any bike. Now, we have the best equipment, one of the best equipments. So it’s improving by now."
Now, as Bike Singh prepares to represent India at an international event,  his family and friends say he is not just living his own life but also their dreams as well.