US Re-imposes Sanctions on Iran

Added On August 8, 2018

The U.S. has said it would re-impose the sanctions on Iran that had previously been suspended following the 2015 nuclear deal.
Iran has responded by saying Iranians would make the U.S. regret the decision.
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The Trump administration made the announcement on Monday, in a bid to increase pressure on Iran. 
An anonymous U.S. official has said the first batch of sanctions will take effect just after 4am GMT on Tuesday.
The move is targeted at Iran's purchase of U.S. banknotes, its trade in gold and other precious metals, as well as its use of graphite, aluminum, steel, coal, and software for industrial processes.
Another round of sanctions, to be reimposed in November, will be aimed at Iran's port, energy, shipping and shipbuilding sectors, as well as its petroleum-related transactions and business deals.
Trump signed an executive order to implement these sanctions on Monday, despite protests from European allies.
Trump defended U.S. policy on Iran, describing it as "based on a clear-eyed assessment" of the Iran's governance and regional influence.
Meanwhile, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday congratulated Trump for reimposing the formal sanctions on Iran, a hostile neighbour to Israel.
"I congratulate President Trump and the U.S. administration for making the important decision to impose sanctions on Iran. This is an important moment for Israel, the U.S., the region and the entire world. It represents the determination to curb Iran’s aggression in the region and its ongoing intention to arm itself with nuclear weapons."
But Iran's President Rouhani took a hard line against the move, saying "America will regret imposing sanctions on Iran... They are already isolated in the world."
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also condemned the reinstatement of sanctions, saying the U.S. is seeking to create chaos in Iran.