Giant pandas celebrate birthday in Austria

Added On August 9, 2018

 A pair of twin baby pandas are celebrating their second birthday in an Austrian zoo this week.

Let's see how.
The twin pandas received birthday gifts, packages of potatoes, carrots and special bamboo shoots.
"The two pandas celebrate the second birthday today. They get presents with special vegetables inside, with special bamboo leaves, with bamboo shoots. I think they enjoy it, especially the mother Yang Yang and the little boy Fu Ban. The little girl Fu Feng is watching in distance, but not so sure whether she is participating in the celebration or not."
Their second birthday brings new change for the cubs.
Under the contract signed between China and Austria, any offspring by Yang Yang should be returned to China after two years old, an age the cubs in the wild should leave their mother. 
However, due to the hot summer, the departure has been delayed until autumn. 
Giving extra time, for an extra long birthday.