China's foreign exchange reserves up in July

Added On August 9, 2018

 Official data show China's foreign exchange reserves has risen 5.8 billion U.S. dollars, or 0.19 percent, from a month earlier to hit more than 3 trillion dollars at the end of July.

The People's Bank of China on Tuesday said the increase followed a month-on-month rise of about 1.5 billion dollars in June.
According to a State Administration of Foreign Exchange statement, stable value of the forex reserves last month came amid steady capital flow across borders and a generally balanced forex market in China.
The statement also said "internationally, the U.S. dollar index stayed flat at the end of July from a month ago, financial asset prices saw minor fluctuations."
And non-U.S. dollar assets also changed to different extents, both contributing to the slight rise in China's forex reserves.