Italy's gelato university

Added On August 9, 2018

 In Italy, a university provides a comprehensive training programe about gelato, an artisanal Italian ice cream.

Lifestyle takes a look.
The school's headquarter is located in Bologna, Italy's central-north city, and 13 other satellite campuses are situated worldwide.
The training program aims to promote a worldwide gelato culture.
Staffs of the school said more and more people and new investors decided to change their lives by learning gelato culture.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH):KAORI ITO, Carpigiani Gelato University
"For most of people, it's about passion. Everybody have some beautiful memories about gelato. For example, the first time they travel to Italy and they taste the gelato. And it became their passion and obsession. So that's why they want to change their lives and make gelato making as a real career."
Gianpaolo Valli, the university's senior instructor said gelato is different from normal ice cream, with low fat, higher density and more fresh.
"Gelato is an important food. And it's possible to transform any kind of food into gelato."
The school was established in 2003, since then enthusiasts from all around the world have come to learn making gelato.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH):Student from South Africa
"It's been very insightful. Lot's of depth in the course. It' s not only learning gelato technically in nature, what makes it soft and what makes it hard, different ways making gelato also."