China's foreign trade up

Added On August 10, 2018

 In the first seven months of this year, China's goods trade went up 8.6 percent year on year, reaching around 2.45 trillion U.S. dollars.

According to the General Administration of Customs, during the January to July period, exports rose 5 percent year on year, while imports grew 12.9 percent. This resulted in a trade surplus of around 155 billion U.S. dollars.
In July, exports rose by 6 percent, to around 200 billion dollars.
In the first seven months of this year, exports and imports of products under the general trade category gained 12.7 percent compared to a year ago, reaching around 1.44 trillion dollars. They accounted for 58.9 percent of total foreign trade, which is 2.1 percentage points higher than the same period in 2017.
During the January-July period, China's trade with the European Union, its largest trading partner, climbed 5.9 percent. Meanwhile, trade volume with the United States increased by 5.2 percent, and trade volume with ASEAN countries increased by 11.6 percent.
In the same period, trade with countries along the Belt and Road totalled around 668 billion dollars. This showed a trade increase of 11.3 percent year on year, growing 2.7 percentage points faster than the average growth rate.