Photo exhibition on China's reform, opening up

Added On August 10, 2018

 A photo exhibition titled "China's economic reform-- 40 years in the making" opened in New York on Wednesday.

The exhibition is being hosted by the New York Branch of the Bank of China in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. 
About 50 photos, highlighting some of the more remarkable moments during China's historical transformation, are on display.
"It's absolutely beautiful. The pictures are wonderful. I think it depicts the history of China especially since the opening up of China, the variety of the culture, and it humanizes, I think, the Chinese people in a way that Americans don't often see. It's been astounding. It's rapid. It's well organized. The advances that have been made in a very short period of time are really surprising to a westerner."
In addition to remarkable economic progress, China has also significantly increased cooperation on the world stage.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): XIAOJUN HUANG, Deputy Chief of the Organizer
"We hope to show the achievements China has made over the 40 years to the American people. Each photo depicts the unique features of each era in detail."
The photo exhibition got underway on August 8 and will remain open for one week.