Jerusalem discovers ancient golden earring

Added On August 10, 2018

 In Jerusalem, a 2,000-year old golden earring was discovered in the center of the city. It was found during archeological digs carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University.

The earring was discovered in the City of David National Park near Jerusalem's old city walls. 
The earring bears the head of a horned animal, possibly an antelope or deer, with large eyes, a mouth and other facial features.
It was crafted using a technique called filigree, in which threads and tiny metal beads are used to create patterns.
The jewelry dates back to the early Hellenistic period. Very little is known about Jerusalem during that time.
Archeologists say that it's unclear whether the earring was worn by a man or a woman but that it surely belonged to an upper class person because it was found so close to the Temple Mount, one of Jerusalem's most important religious sites. And because of the quality of the ring.
Similar earrings have been found across the Mediterranean basin, especially in Greece, but are extremely rare in Israel.
The earring will be displayed for public viewing during the local annual archeological conference on September 4.