Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 9

Added On August 11, 2018

 South Korean electronics giant Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy Note 9 smartphone in its latest effort to address dipping sales figures.

The company suffered a 22 percent drop in mobile technology sales in the second quarter.
It blamed the drop in part to disappointing demand for the Galaxy S9, but Samsung also faces pressure from the growth of its Chinese competitor Huawei.
The Galaxy Note 9 will be available for purchase on August 24, and contains a series of improvements but no radical new innovations. 
The latest model boosts memory capacity, with options for 128 or 512 gigabytes of memory. 
Users also can insert a micro card to boost capacity beyond a terabyte, setting a new record for smartphones.
Samsung also enhanced the gadget's batteries so it can now be used for an entire day without needing to be recharged.