Tai Chi increasingly popular in Turkey

Added On August 11, 2018

 In Turkey, the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi has recently become a popular activity, especially for those leading stressful lives in big cities like Istanbul.

CNC takes you there to have a look.
Murat Baltaoglu, a Turkish advertiser, has arrived at a park in central Istanbul for his Tai Chi class.
He is practising his Tai Chi moves, an ancient Chinese martial art, along with 10 others, all of them barefoot on the grass. 
The students often try hard to follow their instructor, repeating his moves simultaneously.
Esat Atac, one of the instructors, told CNC Tai Chi combines slow movements, meditation and breathing exercises, so bringing a physical and spiritual calmness to those who practise it.
In 1999, Atac decided to leave his textile business and devote himself to learning Tai Chi. He later went to Wudang Mountain in China in 2011 to attend the instructor course.
Since then, he has been teaching Tai Chi, saying it is, quote, "enabling people to raise their life energy." 
But in Atac's view, Tai Chi is still not very well known in Turkey, despite all the benefits it offers. He is hoping to change that.