Added On August 11, 2018

 At least 43 civilians, mostly children, have been killed in Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, which hit buses in Yemen's northern province of Saada.

Local officials said that most of the victims are pupils under the age of 10 and  were on their way to attend a summer school.
64 people were also injured in the airstrikes that hit passenger buses in Dhahyan popular market. 
However, the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television quoted a statement by the Saudi-led coalition as saying that, quote, "Thursday's airstrikes targeted Iranian-allied Houthi rebels who fired a ballistic missile on Wednesday at the Saudi commercial city in border Jazan region."
Houthi spokesman mocked the coalition statement as "absolutely ridiculous", calling the airstrikes a war crime. 
The Saada attack was the latest in a series of recent airstrikes against civilians launched by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen.
The impoverished Arab country has been locked in a civil war since the Houthi rebels overran much of Yemen militarily and seized all northern provinces in 2014, including the capital Sanaa.
Saudi Arabia leads an Arab military coalition that has intervened in the Yemen war since 2015 to support the government of exiled President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.
More than 10,000 Yemenis, mostly civilians, have been killed in the war, and about 3 million have been displaced.