Chinese herbal therapy in kenya

Added On August 22, 2018

In Kenya, many people are now looking to traditional Chinese medicine as an alternative to treat their ailments.
Lifestyles has the story.
Pan Lianxue is a Chinese doctor who has been in Kenya for 22 years. She comes from Zhejiang Province in southeast China.
Pan said she saw a void between herbal medicine and the doctors in Kenya. She then decided to work there as a doctor in a Chinese owned clinic. In 1997, she took over the management of the clinic after the initial owner left.
"When I first worked here, I found there were a lot of patients suitable for treatment with Chinese medicine, like those with arthritis. Then I tried to cure them with acupuncture." 
Pan and her husband currently run a Chinese herbal and moxa therapy clinic in the outskirts of Nairobi.
And they have received high praise from many Kenyan patients who have visited the clinic.
Milcah Warungungu's 4-year-old son has been suffering from Asthma attacks for most of his life. He used to have persistent coughs and did not lead the playful life that most children his age do.
According to Milcah, he took his son to all the best hospitals in the country, and yet the symptoms continued to re-occur.
"It's been about three weeks now. He has been having constant coughs for about 4 years. We have been going to doctors, inhalers and antibiotics to some point we got tired of giving this things to the baby all the time."
Since beginning treatment here, the baby's health has improved tremendously.
In their treatment, the clinic uses a combination of Chinese herbal medicines and moxa therapy. It is simple and affordable to many people, since it uses a common multipurpose herb called mugwort.
The moxa is lit up using a matchbox or candle and then placed on the part of the body to be treated.
It is left to burn for about 10-15 minutes, after which the moxa extinguishes and cools off. Once the burning process is done, the ash is collected and the base of the moxa is removed from the acupoint.
"For me the effects have been positive. I have realized that the baby has improved. Actually I remember the doctors told me we should not stop the inhalers immediately when I came here the first time, however as I gave the baby this I didn't see the need of giving the baby the inhalers because he didn't need them."
51-year-old Janet Muketha has been suffering for years from multiple cysts on both breasts. After a referral from a friend, she decided to try Chinese herbal therapy.
"This herbal treatment worked magic on me. At the time I was coming here my breast were very sensitive and some times painful. But two weeks after the moxa treatment and the herbal medicine, the sensitivity was not there and the pain was not there. At the same time I started feeling my body very light, I used to wake up every morning and feel very fresh and feel like I can do so much work my body started being very active."