China-Egypt fiberglass cooperation

Added On August 31, 2018

In Egypt's Suez province, China's giant fiberglass corporation Jushi has completed its production base of 200,000 tons of fiberglass, the largest in the country.

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Senior Chinese diplomats and Egyptian officials attended the ceremony on Tuesday.
Jushi Group's Chairman praised the production increase by Jushi Egypt, referring to today's annual production of 200,000 tons, up from 80,000 tons in 2014.
He also said Jushi Egypt is filling the gap in Africa's fiberglass manufacturing industry.
The Jushi head added the Egyptian branch is helping the corporation's "going global" strategy and represents the increasing economic cooperation between China and Egypt.
Suez Governor Ahmed Hamed also praised the project and its contribution to Egypt's investment and employment.
"Jushi Egypt is a unique investment partner in the fiberglass Industry between Egypt and China. It's one of the most important and largest investment projects in Egypt. It provides huge investments and many employment opportunities, including 2,000 jobs for the third production line." 
Egypt continues to forge strong ties with China and is an active participant in the country's Belt and Road initiative.