Flight from Dubai quarantined in New York

Added On September 7, 2018

The quarantine came on Wednesday after sick passengers were reported to have shown symptoms of coughing and vomiting, with some suffering high fevers.

Emirates Flight 203 landed at the airport on Wednesday carrying 521 passengers.
One passenger described what happened on the flight, saying many of those on board had been affected.
"What I heard was mostly coughing, very violent deep coughs, you know somebody got the flu, and you just saw a lot of people using the bathroom for an extended period of time, in long lines. Everybody's temperature was taken, mine was 96, I am fine, but everybody's temperature was taken just to be sure that they are not elevated, people who did have high temperatures, they were taken away."
A local official said 10 sick people were sent to hospital for treatment. 
Another eight sick people were being treated at the airport. 
Another 432 people have been quarantined.
Emirates released a statement shortly after the incident, confirming the treatment of 10 sick passengers.
The cause of the illness is unknown.