China helps Malaysia boost railway know-how

Added On September 9, 2018

Chinese technology and knowledge in the railway sector is receiving more and more international recognition, and Malaysia is one of the countries benefitting from it.
The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) Kuala Lumpur Maintenance Company operates in Malaysia, while helping it to boost its railway know-how.
Established in 2011, the maintenance company provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services for local trains, including Electric Multiple Units trains and light rail transit vehicles.
Increasing cooperation between China and foreign countries under the Belt and Road Initiative has seen Chinese railway technology adopted abroad.
This provides great opportunities for Chinese companies, while also benefiting other countries with the creation of jobs and the transfer of technology.
Mohd Mahizan joined the CRRC Kuala Lumpur Maintenance Company seven and a half years ago, and has become an expert in repairing trains.
"This is an international company, I have learnt a lot from the company. Main example is the transfer of technology. In Malaysia, the locomotive industry is very limited. So when the Chinese company came here, they brought an impact, which means we could learn more about locomotives. The international company provided us with opportunities as local Malaysian people to learn their technology, creating jobs for the local staff."
Localization by employing staff like Mahizan is a major strategy of the maintenance company.
[SOUNDBITE] (CHINESE): LUO WEI, Director of Business Development of CRRC in Malaysia
"More than 80 percent of the total staff in our company are locally recruited. In addition, we provide them with a lot of technical training, including on-job training and those given by Chinese experts on railway transportation. We put much of our focus on local employees, including their welfare, training and so on, so that they would look at it as a Malaysian local company, instead of a Chinese company, so their sense of belonging is very strong." 
And the company could not make such progress without the close cooperation between its local staff and the workers from China.
"Through working with CRRC, I have gained a lot of experiences and knowledges of train operation and train system...the environment of working here is good.
For procurement, the rolling stock center has set up an office dedicated to spotting, cultivating and supporting local suppliers. 
According to the company, it now has some 300 local suppliers, ranging from equipment to transportation.