Alibaba helps Indian women through blogging

Added On September 11, 2018

In India...Women empowerment is being witnessed in India through a blogging platform "wemedia," thanks to Chinese e-commerce giant "Alibaba."
Economy Report went to find out more.
Former journalists, content writers and those having a natural flair for creative writing are earning quite a buck, through their blogs posted on the "wemedia" created by UCWeb India.
Content generated and posted on it range on subjects like fashion, entertainment industry particularly Bollywood, lifestyle and cricket which is followed and loved like a religion in India.
Pratibha Saraswat, a former media journalist, didn't know an idea about cricket till two years ago, and today she is an accomplished and most sought after female blogger on "wemedia" platform.
SOUNDBITE (Hindi): PRATIBHA SARASWAT, "Wemedia" content writer
"When I joined the 'wemedia', it was a new platform in India. Nobody pays much for writen articles, especially in India. I write what I want to write. There was no pressure on me  to push certain content. Whatever I write reaches the readers and they like my work."
Like Pratibha, many content creators were given "jobs" on the platform over the past two years.
SOUNDBITE (English): VIBHA SACHDEVA, "Wemedia" content writer
"So for me as a woman, I am sitting at home. And it's not just as you are only writing, you are also getting paid for it. So it's a wonderful platform. I am very happy to be a part of it."
General Manager of UCWeb India said since its launch in 2016, more than 65,000 Indian bloggers have come onboard We-Media platform.
However, he has a bigger target.
SOUNDBITE(English): DAMON XI, General Manager, UCWeb
"Market itself in India is really at a relative early stage, especially in the individual blogger, or content creators. So I think, we have a huge market to tap. As you mention that 65,000 is a large number but don’t forget, we have 400-something million internet users (in India). So theoretically, everybody, if he can read and write, he could be a potential content creator on our platform. So we have a far far way to go."