New York Fashion Week

Added On September 11, 2018

Chinese designer Wang Tao debuted her new collection at the ongoing New York Fashion Week on Saturday.

On the runway, she mixes opposites of feminine and masculine in her signature style of sophisticated-minimalism. Lifestyles has more. 
Inspired by this duality of resilience and beauty, Wang takes a fresh approach to powerful dressing, with the bold usage of a blooming palette of pinks and blues.
Citations of masculine power suits delicately balanced with these colors create powerful, paradoxical, and utterly captivating styles in her latest collection "Bloom."
Wang, who is known to be adept at using basic colors such as gray, white, and black to create elegant and confident looks for career women, has received quite a few orders from her clients to make clothes that are more colorful. 
SOUNDBITE(English)WANG TAO, Chinese Fashion Designer:
"Basically I used to do lots of basic color like gray and white and black, but recently I got lots of requests by this really colorful material orders like a baby blue and rose pink and I think, you know, I suddenly realized new generation leading woman actually they're not afraid of standing out from the crowd and they can mix femininity with the serious career lifestyle. And it does give me lots of inspiration to bring up this collection this year."
Tiffany Trump, the younger of U.S. President Donald Trump's two daughters, was among the celebrities who watched Wang's show in the front row. 
SOUNDBITE(English) TIFFANY TRUMP, Daughter of Donald Trump:
"It's absolutely amazing. Truly Tao has found that place between sophistication but also a little bit of trend, a little edginess and she and I speak a lot and she's so cute. She's like this collection inspired by you because she knows I love pink and she knows I like a little bit of leather so you notice having the way that she is able to truly like mold these clothes and these suits. It's just so absolutely incredible."
Wang, a graduate of East China Normal University, has grown from an aspiring designer to one of Asia's most successful female entrepreneurs. She has become a frequent participant of the New York Fashion Week since her brand made its debut in the fall of 2014. 
Held in February and September of each year, New York Fashion Week is a semi-annual series of events. It is one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, collectively known as the "Big Four," along with those in Paris, London and Milan.