Cycling project in Morocoo

Added On September 11, 2018

A Dutch entrepreneur in the Moroccan city of Marrakech has initiated a new cycling project called "Pikala" to encourage the use of green transport.
Pikala's founder says she created the project by chance.
"It is an non-profit project. And we encourage people to use bicycles. It is a project in which we have started two and half years ago when I came for the first time in Morocoo. I was visiting a friend. I was really inspired to discover the city by bike. Because it is flat. And the moment that I got the bike, people seem to love it that I was cycling. I got so excited. I got so many nice interactions. I was no longer a tourist. It was really nice to be so free in the city."
The project includes workshops to train young people how to repair bicycles.
SOUNSBITE (ENGLISH): Pikala Staffmember
"We are in the association to encourage the use and facilitate the use of bicycles for people in Marrakech. The way we do that, we run the tours by bicycles. We recycled dutch bikes. We trained local to be guides, tours, and to be bicycle mechanics as well. We are also working very hard to teach them some transferable skills."
Recycling parts is not only technical work, but also makes the bicycles more attractive and trendy. 
Pikala currently has 200 bicycles and expects to receive another 100 bicycles from the Netherlands each year.
Apart from conducting workshops, Pikala also offers rental services for tourists and university students. The organization is also working on implementing a self-service bicycle system in the city.