Disney shares secrets with Chinese animators

Added On September 12, 2018

 Walt Disney has brought 20 of China's leading animators to California, for a 3-week training program teaching them about the secrets of its success.

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During the program, Chinese visitors can learn from Disney's top players, including studio executives, animators, directors and producers.
Yu Shengjun, the founder of a Chinese animation company said he hoped to learn from Disney, in particular, how to tell a Chinese story that can be understood by global audiences.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): YU SHENGJUN,Founder of a Chinese Animation Company
"With more Chinese animations going global, we need to come to Disney to learn the way of storytelling."
And the Chinese animators attending all spoke highly of the events.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE):FANG LIANG,Chief Operating Officer of CCTV Animation
"The program runs more like a communication platform. We have teachers from Disney and Hollywood, we learn from them and exchange views at the same time."
Creative director of Disney, Marc Handler, is a lecturer at the program.
He said that, apart from teaching China's animators, Disney also hopes to learn more about Chinese culture so it can work better in China.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): MARC HANDLER, Disney's Creative Director
"I think Disney has always understood that for us to function in China, we need to tune into Chinese culture and we need to become part of the entertainment industry and the animation industry in China. So we go to all of the advanced, we get to know the players can work with them and we try to bring something to them as much as they're bringing something to us."