India faces strike over rising fuel price

Added On September 12, 2018

 Normal life in several parts of India was disrupted Monday due to a country-wide strike called by opposition parties to protest the rising fuel prices.

The impact of the shutdown was felt in opposition-ruled states including Kerala and West Bengal, as well as cities including Mumbai and  Bangalore.
Road and rail traffic was also affected in some parts of the country as protesters blocked roads and railway tracks.
On Monday, the price of petrol touched a peak of 88.12 rupees, or 1.22 dollars per litre, while the rupee had plunged to its lifetime low of 72.50 to a dollar.
"I came to get fuel but petrol stations are closed .The price of petrol has reached close to 100 rupees per litre. How will people save money to feed themselves and their children if the prices go up like this?”
"The strike was quite successful and the call was done in a very short time. Considering the time it was very successful. I think the more important thing was the message that this government is hardly doing anything. They have increased the price of petrol, diesel and gas. The increase in price will cause inflation, so that's why it is very important for the people to realize this."