Sweden faces political impasse

Added On September 12, 2018

 Sweden faces political impasse as the national election has ended in a nearly deadlock between the center-left and center-right political blocs.

The election leaves the far-right Sweden Democrats in a kingmaker position, as neither block can form a majority on their own.
Preliminary vote counting revealed the results on Monday. 
The center-left and center-right blocs had roughly 40 percent of the vote respectively, meaning neither garnered a majority. 
Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven's center-left bloc holds just a one-seat lead over the center-right bloc.
All parties within the two blocs have vowed not to collaborate with the Sweden Democrats, the far-right party.
Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson declared his far-right party as the election's "biggest winner" after it gained 17.6 percent, cementing its position as Sweden's third biggest party.
However, the results were not as positive as opinion polls and the party had predicted.
Still, the Sweden Democrats could be political kingmakers, a position they are likely to take maximum advantage of. 
They will play an important role in what looks set to be a complicated process to form a new government. 
The center-left party, Social Democrats' parliamentary group leader said it could take weeks or even months before Sweden can put a new government in place.