ICRC allocates aid for displaced in Sanaa

Added On September 12, 2018

 In Yemen, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has distributed humanitarian and accommodation assistance for families fled to Sanaa due to the war.

At a temporary center located at a school in Sanaa, ICRC on Sunday distributed  the aid for about 3000 families who fled their homes.
SOUNDBITE(Arabic): ISKANDAR AL-MAAMARI, Representative of the ICRC
"The ICRC has distributed humanitarian assistance and accommodation aid for about 3060 families displaced recently from Hodeidah due to the ongoing conflict, to three centers in Sanaa."
According to the international organization, tens of thousands of families of Hodeidah had been forced to flee their homes.
The families have been displaced to other cities of Yemen, most of them to Sanaa.
Some displaced people are suffering difficult circumstances, as they are sheltered at local schools, while others went to live with their relatives or rent apartments at outskirts of Sanaa.
With the beginning of the new educational year, thousands of displaced people face unknown fate as they have been asked to leave schools.
SOUNDBITE 2 (Arabic): MAHER SHAABAN, Displaced Person
" Most of schools' heads call for evacuating displaced people from schools in Sanaa. So where they can go? We have no residence, and we will suffer more difficulties than before."
SOUNDBITE 4 (Arabic): ABDULWHAB SHARAFALDIN,Director in Charge of Displaced People in Sanaa
"We call on all those who are concerned with the humanity and humanitarian relief to have a sense of responsibility in this issue, and we hope the issue could be solved in order to avoid a humanitarian disaster."
Strategically situated on the Red Sea coast, Hodeidah, Yemen's fourth largest city with a population of 600,000, is the only major port city under Houthis' control.
The Saudi-backed Yemeni government regards retaking Hodeidah and its seaport as a milestone on the path of restoring the country from the grips of the Houthi rebels.