UN report: hunger rising with global temperatures

Added On September 13, 2018

 A United Nations report shows that about one in every nine of the global population were malnourished in 2017.

And climate change has been detected as one key driver behind the consecutive rise of the global hunger.
The report says the total number of hungry people was 821 million in 2017, up from 815 million in 2016.
It stresses that global hunger has been following an increasing path since 2015, showing now levels of hunger seen almost a decade ago.
According to the report, climate change is having a negative effect on global agriculture and is driving up the number of hungry people around the world, along with conflicts and economic slowdowns.
Furthermore, the prevalence of undernourishment -- meaning the share of undernourished people over the world population -- grew as well to 10.9 percent in 2017 from 10.8 percent in 2016.
Africa remained the continent with the highest prevalence of undernourishment, involving some 21 percent of its population or over 256 million people.
Asia followed with 515 million malnourished people, which is around 11.4 percent of its population.