Morccan film town

Added On September 13, 2018

 In southern Morocco there is a city called Ouarzazate located at the edge of the Sahara desert.

This mythical city is renowned for its splendid desert landscape, which attracts generations of Filmmakers. Casablanca, a world-renowned classic, was shot in this city in 1942.
Today, lifestyles will take you on a tour of a town filled with exotic views.
OSCAR HOTEL, at the gateway to Ouarzazate, offers a true haven of peace and relaxation. The buildings and views of the streets offer extreme sensations, which can only be found in the desert. Furthermore, the atmosphere switches between every nook and cranny.
Atlas Studio, located 3km away from the entrance of the city, was established in 1983. It is the biggest film studio in the city Ouarzazate. The studio has shot many ancient Egyptian temples and ancient Roman cities. It attracts some 24,000 visitors a year.
Since the 1960s,  Ouarzazate became popular for filmmakers. Its landscapes, the ethnic diversity, the exceptional light