China's coal-to-liquid project global leader

Added On September 14, 2018

 China is making strides in its efforts to turn coal into oil, with a mega project in its northwest running at full speed.  

In Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, a local coal-to-liquid project has been recognized as the world's biggest initiative of its kind.
The coal-to-liquid project, located at the Ningdong Energy And Chemical Base, has the capacity to turn out 4 million tonnes of refined oil products each year.
The project, which is overseen by Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group, is a subsidiary of the Shenhua Group, China's largest coal producer.
Using homegrown technology, equipment and materials, the project is seen as key for solving China's oil and gas shortages, balancing the energy structure, reducing external dependence and ensuring national energy security.
"The coal-to-liquid products are good supplements to the petroleum based products. The project also provides an effective way to the clean utilization of coal. Moreover, it is helpful for making resource advantages into economic benefits, as well as pushing forward the transformation and upgrading of the company."
Coal liquefaction is a process that combines technology, talent and capital. In China, new projects are breaking the long-standing monopoly by foreign companies in coal-to-liquid core technology.
SOUNDBITE(CHININESE): FANG LINYONG, Deputy production manager of CTL project
"The project has undertaken 37 independent localization tasks for key technologies, major equipment and materials. There are more than 800 enterprises taking part in the construction. The project provides a good platform for them to collaborate, as well as a way to apply research results."
Coal-to-liquid technology converts coal into liquid fuels and petrochemicals. It offers a wide range of hydrocarbon-based products.