Guterres, Macron on multilateralism, climate change

Added On September 28, 2018


STORY:Guterres, macron on multilateralism, climate change 
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At the latest UN General Assembly, multilateralism and climate change were the top concerns at the organisation's General Debate on Tuesday.
Many leaders at the assembly showed strong engagement in these issues.
Let's take a closer look.
World leaders at the UN General Assembly expressed support for multilateralism, particularly UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and French President Emmanuel Macron.
Guterres warned multilateralism is under threat at a time when it is especially needed.
"Our world is suffering from a bad case of trust deficit disorder. And multilateralism is under fire precisely when we need it most."
French President Emmanuel Macron also stressed that without multilateralism, there would be a return to global warfare.
SOUNDBITE(English/French):EMMANUEL MACRON, French President
"Do not accept the erosion of multilateralism, don't accept our history unraveling. I am not getting used to this and I am not turning my head to it. Our children are watching."
Both Guterres and Macron urged world leaders to promote and support a reformed and strengthened multilateral system, as a way to resolve the world's crises.
SOUNDBITE(English): ANTONIO GUTERRES, UN Secretary-General
"In the face of massive, existential threats to people and planet -- but equally at a time of compelling opportunities for shared prosperity -- there is no way forward but collective, common-sense action for the common good. This is how we rebuild trust."
Climate change and economic measures were also a key topic of discussion at the assembly.
Macron vowed he would no longer sign commercial agreements with powers that do not respect the Paris accord.
Guterres similarly asked for global action to tackle the "direct existential threat" of climate change.
He added there is a need for more ambition and a greater sense of urgency in tackling climate change.
SOUNDBITE(English/French): ANTONIO GUTERRES, UN Secretary-General
"Our future is at stake. Nothing is immune -- climate change affects everything and everything can be undermined. Keeping our planet's warming to well below 2 degrees is essential for global prosperity and the security of nations." 
The UN chief also asked world leaders to embrace new technologies for climate action.