China rural programme receives UN award

Added On September 29, 2018

The UN has awarded a rural revival program in east China's Zhejiang Province a "Champions of the Earth" prize.
It is UN's highest environmental honor.
Zhejiang's Green Rural Revival Program was first set up to address the area's heavily polluted waterways and improve the villages' environment.
The program was recognized for its achievements in the category of "Inspiration and Action."
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): QIU LIQIN, Villager from China's Zhejiang Ů
"I'm from a village in Zhejiang Province. Just 15 years ago, I walked very far  to dump buckets of dirty water. We had no sewage pipes, no public trash cans. Rivers were polluted."
The UN Environment Programme described the initiative as an "exceptionally successful eco-restoration program" that "shows the transformative power of economic and environmental development together."
Zhejiang's Green Rural Revival Program was launched in 2003, with ecological development at its core.
The program incorporates water management, waste management and recycling in efforts to transform the province.
Today, polluted waterways in 97 percent of Zhejiang villages are transformed into clean rivers, to the benefit of 30 million residents.