Paris motor show eyes on innovations

Added On October 6, 2018

The Paris Motor Show has kicked off, showcasing classic models from the world's leading car manufacturers...but with an ecological twist.
"Paris Motor Show 2018 kicks off on Thursday, celebrating its 120th anniversary, the show brings together more than 500 brands from around the world, and over 200 new products will be released at the event. For the first time in its history, a tech show dedicated to innovative solutions for automobiles and mobility in the future will also be held at this year's Paris Motor Show."
The newly introduced tech show has already drawn a lot of attention, with 64 startups from 53 countries presenting their innovations, in the fields of self-driving cars, clean energy automobiles and smart mobility solutions.
And many of the world's leading car manufacturers are also releasing their new concept cars at the event.
Electric and hybrid vehicles are in the spotlight of this year's motor show. Some premium brands have also focused on clean options.
This year's motor show also includes a test center set a few meters from the main avenue, allowing fans and visitors to test the new models.
Organizers expect to receive one million visitors at this year's Paris Motor Show.
The show is open to the public from October 4th to 14th.