Brazil inflation rate rises in Sept.

Added On October 7, 2018

Official data shows Brazil's inflation rose by 0.48 percent in September, marking the largest variation since 2015.
The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, or the IBGE, released the data on Friday.
This marked the first time this year that inflation went above the goal set by the Central Bank, which is 4.5 percent, although it has a margin of tolerance of 1.5 percent.
During the first nine months of the year, inflation stood at 3.34 percent, nearly double the 1.78 percent figure seen during the same period in 2017.
And during the previous 12-month period ending in September, the increase in prices hit 4.53 percent.
The price increase was partially led by the transportation sector, which saw a 1.69-percent increase.
The price increase in the transport sector came as fuel prices shot up by 4.18 percent, due to the increase in the price of petroleum in the international market.