Autocross competition in n China

Added On October 7, 2018

Thousands of professional riders from around the world have come to one of China's most beautiful deserts for an international autocross carnival.
The autocross event has seen the number of participants rise steadily over the past 12 years, and last year more than a million people attended.
This year's autocross event is held in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
The competition has seen riders from around the world bring out their best stunts to win the trophy.
The event has featured stunt rider performances like Freestyle Motocross and the Monster X Tour, in which audiences were mesmerized by the skills, risky stunts and courage of riders.
And many of the riders themselves also seem to be having fun.
SOUNDBITE(English): A Professional Rider
"My impression about Alex League is that people are wonderful. They are very hospitable; the food is good, and they like to have fun. This is an amazing event. The desert-themed park in Inner Mongolia is an experience of lifetime for me. I would never forget and I surely hope I can come back."
In China, Autocross is growing in popularity. Aside from riders and spectators, this year's competition has also attracted several Chinese auto brands,?as the event expects to become a melting point for autocross competition and promotion.