Boeing 787 light show shines in Japan

Added On October 8, 2018

A high-tech light show at Central Japan International Airport highlighted the sleek beauty of a Boeing 787 in flight.
The airport teamed up with leading technology group, Teamlab, to create the "Flight of Dreams" light show on Friday.
And a Boeing 787 was the star of the show.
Twice an hour, special lights projected onto the ground and onto walls made the Boeing 787 aircraft appear to fly into the night sky.
SOUNDBITE(JAPANESE) :TOSHIYUKI INOKO, Creator of Teamlab " Flight of Dreams"
"It's like real flight. It is very interesting that we mimic the scene of a plane flying into the sky."
The president of the airport said the light show aimed to promote the airport’s image and attract visitors from other countries like China.
SOUNDBITE(JAPANESE) :MASANAO TOMOZOE, Central Japan Int'l Airport President
"About 10 percent of Chinese visitors to Japan take advantage of this airport, and one-third of our international routes go to China. Chinese visitors attach great importance to this airport. It has both a restaurant and a play area. We hope to attract more Chinese guests in the future."
The Boeing 787 aircraft displayed in the show was an early test model, which was donated by Boeing to Central Japan International Airport back in July 2015.
The annual light show was officially set up last year.