Alipay: more senior Chinese use mobile payment

Added On October 9, 2018

China's leading mobile payment platform, Alipay, said more senior Chinese citizens are using its mobile payment system overseas.
China's Alipay said the number of those born in the 1960s using its mobile payment system overseas increased by 90 percent during this year's National Day holiday, the highest growth among all age groups.   
According to statistics released by Alipay, Chinese tourists are increasingly getting used to using mobile payment systems overseas, and they use mobile payments more frequently when traveling abroad.
Data from China's central bank showed that consumer use of Chinese mobile payment systems continue to grow in the second quarter of this year.
Chinese banks processed nearly 15 billion mobile payment transactions in the second quarter, up 73 percent year on year.
The total value of these transactions reached more than 9 trillion U.S. dollars, up 60 percent year on year.