Robot "sweeper" picks pepper

Added On October 9, 2018

An advanced sweet pepper harvesting robot called "Sweeper" can pick ripe fruit in 24 seconds with a success rate of 62 percent.
Israeli Ben Gurion University released the preliminary test result on Sunday.
The robot is designed to operate in a single stem row cropping system with non-clustered fruits and little leaf occlusion.
The robot was developed by a research team from various countries, including the U.S., Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The research team works to improve the robot's ability to detect ripe produce using computer vision and define the specifications of the robot's hardware and software interfaces, focusing on supervisory control activities.
The researchers say robotic harvesting will revolutionize the economics of the agriculture industry and dramatically reduce food waste.
A commercial sweet pepper harvesting robot will be available within four to five years and may enable harvesting 24 hours a day.